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  Rome - Area 8

  This area includes the Esquilino, the Rione Monti, the Colosseum and the Testaccio. The Esquilino is the highest and the most extended of the seven hills of Rome. The characteristics of this zone date from ancient times. Today it is one of the populated areas of th city, with the exception Colle Oppio, where you can admire the Thermal baths of Tito, the Thermal baths of Traiano and the Domus Aurea of Nerone. The Rione Monti is still today one of the most characteristic places of Rome, close to the Colosseum, the biggest amphitheater of Rome, where the deadly fights of the gladiators and the animals were offered from the emperor and from the richest citizens.
These zones which gather a lot of of the most stately works built in the ancient Rome, have also characteristic shops and refined restaurants; this area is excellently connected with the central areas thanks to the underground stops Colosseo and Cavour. Southwards, you can find the historical neighborhhood of Testaccio, which mixes together the popular and the characteristic atmosphere of ancient times, and which is full of small and numerous nighttime places scattered in the streets, a real attraction for people. The connections both with the center (underground stop at Piramide) and the more peripheral areas as the EUR.
A) Colosseo
  • A) Colosseo
  • R/006 - Ulisse

    This apartment is situated in the heart of Rome, very close to one the world’s most important monuments, the Colosseum. In its proximity you have the pleasure of walking along t[...]
    Sleeps: 4

    R/033 - Ovidius

    This wonderful 140 square meter apartment is on the second floor with an elevator in an elegant building. The apartment is very bright and quiet and has recently been renovated with [...]
    Sleeps: 6

    R/252 - Colosseo


    This apartment is situated in the heart of Rome, in front of one of the world’s most important monuments, th[...]
    Sleeps: 3

    R/292 - Phoebe

    This apartment is located in the old city centre of Rome, in the ancient Esquilino district close to the Colosseo, it is a quiet apartment that is 90 square meters in size, on [...]
    Sleeps: 6

    R/195 - Boschetto Suite

    This very nice studio apartment is on the ground floor of a wonderful building located between Via Nazionale and Via Cavour in the Monti-Colosseo area, in the very historical c[...]
    Sleeps: 2